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Spherical Plain Bearings

Category: Automotive Bearing Units

Spherical Plain Bearings


Spherical Plain Bearings are used in high load and severe misalignment conditions. They may also be used in applications requiring low speed oscillation or tilting motion.

 Metric spherical plain bearings feature a standard, steel-on-steel design where both the ball and outer ring are composed of high carbon chromium bearing steel. The phosphate-treated sliding surface is dry coated with molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) as an initial lubricant and protectant.

 Types:  Swaged, split ball, split race, fracture race, snap assembled, and loader slot

Materials: Standard steel, alloys, coatings, corrosion resistant steel

Precision:  Aerospace or industrial standards.

 Industry applications include:

• High-tech                  • Aerospace & defense

• Transportation             • Agriculture

• Mining                     • Energy

• Construction               • Heavy equipment