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Detailed explanation of the assembly method of thrust angular contact ball bearings

10-31, 2022 / in News / by LEHXUAN

The bearing accuracy of the thrust angular contact ball is much higher than that of the thrust ball bearing, and the bearing speed is also much higher, so it can be used as a spindle bearing. However, if the bearing is installed improperly, this effect will not be achieved. So, which way of assembly can be used to achieve the effect of twice the result with half the effort?

According to reports, thrust angular contact ball bearings are generally back-to-back, because back-to-back can withstand axial forces in two directions.

The load lines of bearings paired back-to-back are split toward the bearing shaft. Axial loads acting in both directions can be supported, but loads in each direction can only be supported by one bearing. Back-to-back mounted bearings provide a relatively rigid bearing arrangement and can withstand overturning moments. When using this assembly method, pay attention to:

1. The verticality of the shaft ring and the shaft center line should be checked. The method is to fix the dial indicator on the end face of the case, so that the contact head of the indicator is on the bearing shaft ring raceway while rotating the bearing, while observing the dial indicator pointer. When the shell hole is deep, the extended dial indicator can also be used for inspection.

thrust angular contact ball bearings

2. When installed correctly, its seat ring can automatically adapt to the rolling of the rolling elements to ensure that the rolling elements are located in the upper and lower raceways. If the installation is reversed, not only the bearing will not work properly, but also the mating surfaces will be severely worn. Since the difference between the shaft washer and the seat washer is not obvious, extra care should be taken during assembly to avoid mistakes.

3. In addition, there should be a gap of 0.2-0.5mm between the bearing seat ring and the bearing seat hole to compensate for errors caused by inaccurate parts processing and installation. When the center of the bearing ring is offset during operation, this The clearance ensures that it adjusts automatically and avoids contact friction, allowing it to function properly. Otherwise, the bearing will be severely damaged.

4. Before installation, please check whether the bearing box is clean and worn, etc., and remember: to install the bearing, press the end cover, check the flexibility of the rotation, and then install the whole part on the screw rod. If you install the screw first, and then press the end cover, it may cause the bearing to be unable to be aligned, stuck, and easy to heat up!

5. Another point is that there are V and 0 marks on the bearing. This is the place where the bearing accuracy is high. It should be installed in the place where the bearing box has the largest marking runout, so that the coordination can make up for the error of the workpiece and make the rotation accuracy reach dynamic. balance!

The above is the introduction of the thrust angular contact ball bearing assembly method. If you have any questions during the assembly process, please feel free to contact us.

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