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What are the advantages of the fog cannon machine?

01-29, 2023 / in News / by LEHXUAN

The fog cannon machine is a new type of environmental protection equipment, mainly used for dust control in air pollution, and has a good effect on dust. The fog cannon machine is suitable for environmental protection spraying and dust reduction in open-air coal storage yards, power plants, steel slag yards, iron ore yards, loading and unloading yards, port terminals, railway freight yards, construction sites and other dusty places. The high-efficiency working effect of the fog cannon machine has obvious characteristics, which not only improves the production efficiency of the enterprise and the quality of the working environment of the employees.

The fog cannon is mainly composed of a blower assembly, a pitch adjustment device, a horizontal rotation assembly, a high-pressure spray water system and an electronic control system, especially the blower assembly and the high-pressure spray water system are crucial to the fog cannon. In addition to daily use of the fog cannon for dust removal, we must also pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the fog cannon to ensure the integrity of each component.

The fog cannon machine uses a high-pressure pump and an atomizing nozzle to atomize the water droplets according to the principle of air delivery, and then uses a large wind fan to push the atomized water mist out to achieve the effect of sending the water mist to a long distance. It can make water mist float in the air in a large area for a period of time. The single nozzle of the fog cannon sprays water mist 3-5 meters away, with a width of 1-2 meters. The water mist combines with dust in the air and then lands, which has achieved the purpose of dust reduction and dust removal. Now many open-air places and urban greening departments are using fog cannons to control air pollution, which solves a series of problems such as the waste of water resources caused by the use of water spray in the past.

The fog cannon machine sprays water mist, which floats in the air, adsorbs with dust, PM2.5, haze and other pollutants in the air, and then settles to achieve the purpose of purifying the air. The water resource consumption of the fog cannon machine is 70-80% lower than that of the traditional sprinkler, but the area covered by the sprayed air is two or three times that of the ordinary sprinkler, and the spray floats in the air, the total area is equivalent to More than 20 times that of ordinary sprinklers. The fog cannon machine has improved PM2.5 and dust removal by 20% compared with traditional sprinklers.


Advantages of fog cannon

The watering is relatively uniform. When the water mist sprays water on the storage yard that is prone to dust and removes dust, it can achieve precise spraying. The spray particles are small, and when they come into contact with the floating dust, they form a moist mist, which can quickly suppress the dust. Shen;

Flexible operation, the fog cannon machine has three operating modes: manual, remote control, automatic, and can freely control and adjust the horizontal rotation spray angle according to the needs. It can be fixed on the concrete pouring platform, and can also be equipped with a diesel generator set for power supply and installed on the transport vehicle. , according to different site layouts, can be divided into vehicle-mounted mobile, fixed, trailer and other specifications to choose from.The water consumption is small. The water consumption of the fog cannon machine is 20%-30% of that of ordinary sprinklers, which greatly reduces water consumption, but the dust removal coverage area is 2-3 times that of ordinary sprinklers.

The use of fog cannon

1. Environmental dust removal: This is the main purpose of the fog cannon, whether it is indoors or outdoors, as long as there is a lot of dust generation, the fog cannon is needed. For example: closed coal sheds, open pit mining, construction sites, etc.

2. Environmental cooling: places that need cooling, such as: specific workshops, cultural squares, farms, etc.

3. Pesticide spraying: Applicable places include: forest deworming, garbage dump, livestock farm, etc.

4. Improve environmental odor: Applicable places include: garbage dumps, lakesides where algae breed in summer, farms, etc.

The fog cannon machine is suitable for static pollution sources and dynamic pollution sources. It can remotely adjust the level, pitch and rotation spray angle. It is safe to use and saves human resources. Fog cannon machine is a vehicle-mounted mobile, flexible and independent device. It can be equipped with generators, water tanks and other equipment. It is easy and flexible to install and use. , or if the equipment changes in the middle of use, no secondary investment is required.
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